Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing: Attention to the task, channel of energy, clarity of mind.

by petros on June 6, 2017

Dressage – Showjumping – Eventing.

Some of the key factors of successful riding:

  • Keep thinking of ways to attract and maintain the horse’s attention; this becomes a habit for the horse to remain focused to the task being tackled with his rider. Transitions, counter-intiuative turns and changes of directions as well as exercises that ‘prepare and ‘prime’ the horse for the next movement are all useful examples (e.g. walk or trot showlder-in followed by a transition to canter).
  • The horse is a ‘powerhouse’ of energy that can be deployed in many directions. With good education and clarity of understanding of the signals between horse and rider this energy can be successfully channeled in a particular, desired direction. This should be what we mean by riding the horse between the legs and between the hands. Of course it goes without saying that our whole body motion, seat, upper body orientation and balance form an essential part of a successful ‘dance partner’ performance in harmony with our horse.
  • Being consistent with our aids (signals) that are also well ‘conditioned’ in the horse’s mind so that they are meaningful suggestions. Our aim is to ride the horse by communicating via these signals and not through an attempt of coercion by muscular strength.

The journey of discovery in developing our horsemanship skills is endless, I just wish we had more than one lifetime so we could learn more from our horses. This is one of many compelling reasons why I’m boundlessly enthusiastic in coaching riders, young and old, all that I have discovered and been shown along the way and enable horses and riders to have fun together.

Petros Dressage trainer.


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Sharon Torres June 7, 2017 at 3:13 pm

I love the activity of the horse in this video. You make him/her look a pleasure to ride.


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