Engaging Dressage Training.

by petros on June 17, 2017

Playful learning appeals to horses of all ages and the onus is on the rider/trainer to tune in to the horse’s mind so that we can reassure and gain trust and subsequently engage with the horse in tasks that enable the clear learning of a common language of aids as well a being gymnastically effective in developing the horse’s athleticism. An approach with these principles in mind will help maintain both the physical and mental soundness in the horse.

Dressage does not have to be torturous for horses that initially find it tricky, with encouragement and understanding of the difficulties they face they can grow to enjoy the process of both learning new movements and acquire a positive attitude to training. We have to work with them for who they are in the first place and only gradually expect changes/adaptations of way of going and attitude.

Some useful tips to bear in mind:

  • Take your time.
  • Stay cool. (getting hot under the collar does not help!).
  • Smile with your horse… they know if you are happy with them and they will offer more.
  • Enjoy each stage of training and always go back to basics when confusion or difficulties occur.
  • Keep it simple… can you ‘pause and play’ smoothly and promptly in transitions and can you guide left and right when you need to? These are the questions to ask in attempting to channel the energy travel within the horse.
  • Collection is only possible, correct and useful when calm forwardness in mind is present.


Love riding!

Lateral work can be a very useful tool in our riding. Kate Lenthall and Bally Stone


SONY DSC The gorgeous Jessica Davis’ Lara!


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