Showjumping training with Petros. Getting the horse to find the right answers to the question presented,

by petros on June 3, 2017

Boston and Petros Jumping 1.30m

In training any equestrian discipline one of the key objectives is to enable the horse to be willing to try by making the process an enjoyable activity. By nature horses are playful,  inquisitive and yet cautious, even spooky. Learning to keep the horse’s attention to the rider by giving him tasks to engage his mind is central as is the idea of empowering the horse to come up the right answer to the problems presented. The main responsibility of the rider is not to impede the horse in its movement and to present the work in a manner that makes sense to the horse and avoids confusion. The speed of travel, frequency of questions and length of period of time of effort expected are all factors that have to carefully judged by the rider/trainer for the individual horse concerned.

Keep work fun to preserve the horses willingness to engage in the game called training!



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