Mrs Margaret S Auld DCR SRR - Chief Instructor, East Hertfordshire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club

My husband who was the area representative for Northern Home Counties of The Pony Club first met Petros 15 years ago when Petros was a very successful question master at an inter branch Pony Club quiz competition.  He was most sympathetic to the children who were nervous at answering questions in front of an adult audience.  Since then we have got to know him very well and have been impressed by his manner and knowledge.

He is a first class instructor and East Hertfordshire Hunt branch has used him to teach in our branch at all levels.  The children enjoy his style of teaching and he gets the best out of them with his thoughtful and fun approach to everything that he does.  The children can see and understand that what he teaches works at all levels.

He has taught at our branch camps over the past twelve years and he very kindly volunteered to stay at the 2010 camp.  He was also a successful stable manager at the camp.

He is a Pony Club B and AH test examiner.  These are two of the highest test standards in Pony Club and much sought after by equestrian yard mangers.  His appointment as an examiner to these tests is testimony to his ability and knowledge.


Tom Hawkins - February 2011 - B.E. Competitor

I have had Petros as my riding instructor for over 6 years now.  He has coached me from a complete beginner (I have only been riding for 7 years) to now competing confidently at affiliated eventing.  His coaching sessions are always fun.  Indeed, I have been consistently impressed by his desire for both the horse and rider to gain a positive experience from every session.  The lessons have been progressive, with lots of variety to keep things fresh.  Petros possesses first-class personal and professional standards as well as superb communicative skills.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their riding, whatever their standard, or just some advice and encouragement to enjoy their horse a lot more.  I am extremely grateful to Petros for helping me achieve as much as I have, in such a short space of time and feel fortunate to have him as a coach.


Sarah Hudgell - B.E. Competitor

I am delighted at the progress I am making with my horse, Hatty, and Petros has been instrumental in helping us to achieve a confident and trusting partnership and a soft, supple horse. We are now competing BE which before I could only dream of.


Louise Saunders and Lisa Sartori

Petros has worked absolute wonders for both our horses and also previous horses. We both have regular lessons which are enjoyable, hard work, fun, but most of all rewarding. We look forward to each lesson and Petros loves a challenge !!!!!


Jill Campion

Petros trained my daughter for the B test. She passed with the comment on Stable Management "well up to standard" which I am led to believe is high praise - and she was encouraged to go on to her AH test. Every lesson he gave was excellent, well planned and totally professional at all times. He made sure she knew exactly how to deal with all aspects of the test. He taught her at our house and made the best use of what little we had to use here, intelligently and in a very practical way. From the second he arrived he made use of the time - no chatting and wasting time. I cannot recommend him highly enough for B test training and am hoping we get to use him for AH training.




Janet Good    D.C. East Hertfordshire Hunt Branch of the Pony Club

Petros Spiliopoulos has been involved with the East Hertfordshire Branch of the Pony Club for the past ten years. During this time he has worked as a professional instructor and also on a voluntary basis.

He instructs at most of our rallies and camps where he has passed on his expertise in Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. His attitude towards the members is quiet and he is always able to explain the reasoning behind his instructions. On some occasions, as with all young people, the members have argued with him and he has always conducted himself in a quiet and professional manner until the dispute is settled, which it always is.

Petros is a member of our committee and always volunteers to help at shows, where he builds courses and judges for us This is always done voluntarily and, as his two daughters are members of our branch, as a parent.

He is a patient person who wants the youngsters to succeed and for their ponies/horses to reach their potential. He is helpful to me and will give his input when asked to assist with choosing teams for the various disciplines. He is willing to run clinics independently if the members require it but will never arrange any activity without my previous knowledge.

Petros has an engaging personality and a lively sense of humour. I appreciate all that he does for us and for his reliability in helping us whenever he can. Our branch has developed a great deal over the past ten years and this must, in some large part, be due to the his hardwork and expertise.


Fiona Harrison - Private Yard Owner

Petros has the happy knack of being able to very quickly assess what a horse and rider need help with and then uses his wide experience to come up with suggestions that produce achievable results - all in the space of a half hour session. Each lesson, whether flatwork or jumping, is therefore bespoke, tailored to the needs of the individual and not just a repetition of previous lessons. Petros also has a very "up beat" teaching style and his enthusiasm is highly motivating and very infectuous; so as well as progressing their riding, people are enjoying themselves and getting the best out of their horses.


Sharon Torres

Petros has been helping me to improve my horse - and my riding - for over four years now.   His lessons are varied and fun, whether it’s flatwork, jumping or cross country.  Always considerate and encouraging in his training approach, Petros never overfaces me or my horse but strives to get the best from us both.    On the occasions when my horse plays up, it’s a relief to know that Petros will get on board and sort things out.   

Far more than a trainer, his knowledge regarding all aspects of riding and horse management is extraordinary - and his willingness to share this information is invaluable.  Whether I want to know which bit is best for jumping, how to treat a cut fetlock or which horse I should buy, I can rely on Petros to give me the best advice. 

Petros is a consummate horseman with a gift for teaching: a rare combination indeed.